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Harrods 2018 Christmas World has officially opened

Luxury department store Harrods has officially launched its Christmas World shop making it 32 days EARLIER than last year and YES there’s still more to come.

Harrods 2018 Christmas World

The sun is beaming down and the ice cream is melting in our hands but that hasn’t stopped Harrods from launching the first instalment of its Christmas World shop a whopping 5 months before the big day and 32 days earlier than last year.

Beating other big stores such as Selfridges who launched its shop on July 30th last year to have festive stock out and social media user were also surprised.

As this is just the FIRST section of Harrods Christmas World you can expect to see a whole lot more with Harrods actually confirming the FULL launch on August 26th 2018.

Harrods Tweet

Harrods Christmas World is one of the biggest and best Christmas shops in London. As for what you can buy, British designs will once again play a huge part with festive London souvenirs to of course this year Christmas teddy bear – Oliver.

Already online users can access the Christmas shop which is packed with baubles, bags, baby gifts and much more.

As for the traditional Harrods Christmas Grotto, dates have not yet confirmed but if last year is to go by this is likely to be around November 16th. Families will be able to enjoy a visit to Santa and wander around a magical Christmas experience.

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