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Have Lots Of Fun With Paul Lamond’s Gobblet Gobblers Game

Paul Lamond's Gobblet Gobblers GameUnderTheChristmasTree were kindly sent Paul Lamond’s Gobblet Gobblers game to try and here is what we thought of it.

To begin with we took all of the pieces of out of the box which included 12 Gobblers, 6 orange and 6 blue, there is also an instruction booklet on how to play the game and 4 bars to build a playing board.

The game is suitable for ages 5 years and up, requires only two players and does not need any batteries in order to play the game.

As this game is only suitable for two on this occasion Holly vs John opted to play against each other. John chose to play in the colour blue and Holly had the orange and after some debating Holly went firs.

Paul Lamond Gobblet Gobblers Game

The game is a bit like Naughts and Crosses, where you have to be the first player to line up three pieces in a row. Sounds easy right? That is what Holly thought! Holly placed one of the smaller orange Gobblers in the middle of the board and then John placed his in the bottom right hand corner.

Next Holly placed a medium sized Gobbler in the top right hand corner but this is where she made a mistake as John placed one of the large Gobblers over the small Gobblers and instead of placing her next move in the center right she placed it in bottom left, so John was free to place the final Globber in the right hand side of the middle row and won the game!

Overall we thought this game was fun and kids would love this Paul Lamond Gobblet Gobblers.

You can buy this game at Amazon UK For more information please visit: http://paul-lamond.com

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