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Help keep your New Year’s Resolutions with these tips from UnderTheChristmasTree

It’s a sad fact but very few of us manage to keep our New Year resolutions. How many times have you set stopping smoking or losing more than just a few pounds of weight, as your goal? Below are some fantastic easy steps put together by us to help you achieve your goals this 2019.

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If, like us here at UTCT, you start the new year with great gusto and throw what’s left of your packet of cigarettes or box of chocolates in the bin, only to find that once the cravings start to kick in you jump into the car and head to the nearest shop for yet another pack?

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It’s a vicious circle, but by setting more realistic goals we stand a much better chance of success. Try not to make your New Year’s resolutions too complicated – instead of throwing away your cigarettes why not try just cutting down and don’t hit your diet on the head just because you’ve eaten a cheeky mini mars bar or packet of crisps.

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Let’s face it, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and slow and steady invariably wins the day – think about the hare and the tortoise and readdress your goals. You’re always better to do something than do nothing and please don’t give up at the first hurdle.

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If finding time in your busy work schedule is creating havoc with your goals,  scheduling a set time in your diary may be the answer. Finding it hard to stick to your New Year resolutions? Why not enlist the help of a friend or a family member who will encourage you on your road to success!

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