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Hey Tracey! returns including a Christmas special

ITV2 Entertainment show Hey Tracey! is to return later in the year including a Christmas special, see all the details here.

ITV2 Hey! Tracey
Image credit: (C) Dr Pluto Films/ITV2

Comedian Joel Dommett is back with a second series of the hilarious quiz show Hey Tracey! on ITV2 plus to our excitement a Christmas special has also been confirmed, which will see more big named celebrities make fun prank calls to win cash for members of the public.

Like most of us if you don’t know an answer to a question you ask Siri or Alexa however for this show, unfortunately, you’re stuck with Tracey a virtual comedy assistant. Each time celebrities summon her help to a very funny question they can’t answer, Tracey, connects them with someone in the real world that might have the answer.

Joel Dommett said: “I can’t wait to do another series of Hey Tracey.. it’s a shame they have asked Tracey back too. I was hoping they would sack off that pointless robot and put my name in the title. I’m excited to see another set of famous faces squirm as they try and find the answers to my weird and wonderful questions.”

So when will the Hey Tracey! Christmas special air? Dates, times and celebrities taking part are yet to be confirmed however we’ll, of course, keep you up-to-date.

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