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How Beauty Has Changed Since Christmas

Over Christmas, we all like to embrace a bit of sparkle or a bold red lip.  Now that Christmas is over for another few months (sob!) we are looking at how beauty has changed since Christmas.

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Spring is upon us and with spring, comes a slew of pastel colours and lighter makeup which is designed to reflect the change in climate.

Over Christmas, we tend to see hues of red, green and metallic for eye makeup. Many people opt for a slick of black eyeliner to go with it and perhaps a bold red lip to match the festive feeling.

Throughout Spring and the warmer seasons of the year, we tend to see more of the lighter shades such as pastels or lighter neutrals. A lot of the time, these shades are quite matte. Many choose to add a pop of white eyeliner to the lower waterline to make their eyes pop and look wide awake before adding lashings of mascara. A nude or pink lip is much more natural looking and tends to be sported throughout the season before Summer where we experiment with brighter lip colours.

For base, throughout Winter we tend to use a heavier coverage of foundation to hide any dark circles or blemishes. In Spring, our skin is gradually being weathered and tinted moisturisers or light coverage foundations are widely used. In terms of finish, you can expect to see glowing skin rather than the matte complexions we are used to sporting during Winter.

For fragrance, a lot of brands are already releasing more floral scents rather than the musky scents we love to wear over Christmas.

It’s always great to embrace up and coming trends (our sources tell us Spring 2016 will see lots of metallic Pastel shades in Beauty) but if we’re honest, we can’t wait for Winter to come back around so we can rock a Christmassy red lip again.

What beauty trends are you looking forward to this 2016? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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