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How Many Calories Does Santa Consume On Christmas Eve?

We all know that on Christmas Eve Santa along with Rudolph and his trusty reindeer team fly around the world delivering gifts to all the good boys and girls.

Traditionally children leave him a few cookies, a glass of milk and a carrot or two for the reindeer and all those cookies  soon mount up the calories.

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It’s estimated that on Christmas Eve Santa will visit 5,556 homes per second to ensure all the good boys and girls receive their presents, that works out around 640 million stops altogether.

Allowing for the fact that he will take at least one bite from each of the goodies that have been left and drinks his milk he could, in just one night consume around 150 billion calories and drink over a million litres of milk.

What we will be asking for this Christmas is his diet regime, as this cute and cuddly guy never seems to put on a pound – something we manage to do just by opening a sweet wrapper.

Or does this prove the fact that Santa Claus is indeed magical? Get in touch below and tell us what you think.

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