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4 Easy steps on how to build a Snowman

Every snow-day should be fun and what better way than to build the perfect snowman! Here are 4 steps on how to build a snowman.

How to build a snowman
Image credit: Pixabay

No snow-day should mean being stuck indoors being bored, especially not when you could be out building the most utterly freeze-tastic snowman even Frosty would be proud of. Here we’re going to share with you our steps on how to build a snowman.

1 – You better know your snow: And we don’t mean on first term basis but more if it’s the right consistency. Powdery or overly wet snow will just not work however a combination of both is the ideal combination. Top tip: If your snow too powdery simply put your garden hose on a very light spray to dampen.

2. Location! Location! Location!: Stay away from the sun and choose somewhere flat, sounds easy right? wrong! you could position in a darkened area only to find the sun has shifted and your poor old fella’s face has started to melt. Take good care of choosing a shaded area where the sun is minimal and the kids won’t kick a football at it.

A shaded area of snow for your snowman
Image credit: Pixabay

3. DIY & Construction: That’s right, get those thermal gloves on and start by packing you snowball first by hand, then place the ball on the ground and roll around until you have reached your desired size. You should roll three balls – one large, one medium and one small, once done flatten the top of each before placing one on top of each other.

4. Style is key: Grab an old ugly Christmas jumper and place on his middle, stick with a traditional carrot nose, use twigs as arms and for the rest use what lies around in your garden. How to build a snowman is just as important as how to dress a snowman.

A dressed snowman
Image credit: Pixabay

Let’s pray for some snow so we can build Olaf and Frosty another member of their snowy team.
Share your tips on how to build a snowman with or even without snow below. NEXT UP: Top tips on how to walk safely in the snow.

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