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How to cut down on clutter in your home this Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year but it can also cause the most clutter around your home. We speak to Hartleys Bedroom Specialists to get some tips to help de-clutter your home before Christmas.

“Christmas time turns most of us into hoarders. With the mountains of cards, decorations, piles of presents and racks of thick winter clothing, there tends to be a considerable lack of fresh floor space during December.

Image of organiser for Christmas
Image by geralt via Pixabay

We’ve all been there; positioning items at precarious angles and tentatively stepping back to assess whether they’ll stay put. But there’s only so many objects you can put on top of one another before things start to get on top of you.

Take on board our tips on clutter-cutting for a stress-free, organised festive period this year.

Get digital

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Image credit: stux via Pixabay

From 1st December onwards, the daily clatter of the letterbox is accompanied by a thick wad of Christmas cards tumbling onto the welcome mat.

Finding a place to display these cards, as well as the ones you’re planning to send, can prove troublesome – so why not go digital instead? Sending e-cards saves on paper and space, making organisation a breeze.

It’s also worth using your PC to note down gift ideas for loved ones, as well as the presents you’ve received yourself. This way, you can tailor your thank you notes to reflect your appreciation (and prevent scattering loose bits of paper all over the house).

Cookery & crockery

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You’ll be spending a lot of time in the kitchen over the Christmas period. Between the start of the holidays and the big dinner on the 25th, there’ll be sweet treats to bake and festive recipes to formulate.

As scrumptious as the final result may be, holiday cooking causes mess – as you’re forced to claw your way through the back of the cupboards to find all the ingredients you need.

This year, prepare well in advance by purchasing and arranging all the necessary crockery; labelling tubs and pots accordingly for fast access and minimal fuss. Toss out any old condiments whilst you’re at it and consider buying storage racks for spices and sauces.

Multipurpose décor

Image of Christmas throws and blankets
Image credit: congerdesign via Pixabay

Pillows and other soft furnishings adorned with Christmas patterns are fun and festive for sure, but they don’t have much of a shelf life. Appropriate for December only, this type of seasonal décor simply takes up space for 11 months of the year.

The solution? Invest in multipurpose décor items instead.

Green and red throws, cushions and bedding can look great at any time of year and still manage to evoke that Christmassy feel come the 25th; white and gold colours can help create a winter wonderland vibe from late autumn right through to spring.

One in, one out

Image of santa carrying Christmas presents
Image by jill111 via Pixabay

For every gift that finds its way inside your home this year, consider throwing out an old relic of equivalent size. This will prevent your living space from becoming packed out, and also give you a bit of confidence to start cleansing your home of unnecessary items.

If you’re treated to some new books, consider donating old novels you’ve already read to charity. The same goes for DVDs and kids’ toys – it’s a simple case of swapping one item for another.

Still finding clutter a challenge? It might be time to start rethinking your storage solutions as the New Year rolls around. Hartleys Bedrooms specialise in space-saving, bespoke fitted furniture – tailor-made for a snug fit with your property’s features and overall dimensions”.

Learn more by getting in touch on 01756 700 471 or visiting their Skipton showroom.

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