How to host the perfect 1970’s Christmas Party

UnderTheChristmasTree want’s you to have a groovy xmas!  Below in our ByGone Christmases we tell you how to throw a 1970s party.

If it’s your turn to host the pre Christmas get together this year, why not invite everyone to a 70’s party.

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Dust off the old (vintage) record player and bring out your collection of 70’s vinyl that you know will be worth a small fortune one day. Set aside a full day to do this as once you start looking at your Bee Gees collection followed by some Abba mania you’ll start reminiscing and, just to be sure it still works, pop the odd one or twenty on the turntable.

There’s nothing quite like music to take you right back to the last time you and your then boyfriend/girlfriend danced the night away under a revolving glitter ball.

Get all your guests to wear 70’s style clothing – it’s only when you start checking the hordes of 70’s photo’s you’ve still got, just to check you were correctly remembering the style of the day, that memories of that afro come flooding back

Hiding at the back of your wardrobe is a collection of clothes that you just couldn’t part with and now it’s going to be just right, a pair of huge flares, topped off with a bright shirt over which is a tank top.  Naturally you’ll be wearing your platform soles – it’ll take a day or two to get back into walking in them, and your ready to party.

Turn your sitting room into a 1970’s time warp with the obligatory rotating coloured disco ball sitting in the middle of the table and you’re ready for your guests to arrive.

Out in the kitchen there’s some authentic 70’s party food ready.  Who could ever forget Prawn Cocktail with Marie-Rose sauce, vol-au-vents filled with cream cheese and smoked salmon and cheese and pickle.  In the centre of the buffet table is the cabbage/swede that has carefully been wrapped in tin foil before sticking in cocktail sticks loaded with cheese and pickle, cocktail sausages, and cheese and pineapple, making it look like a hedgehog.

If you can get your hands on a Fondue Set melt in some cheeses and have some skewers ready for dipping in vegetable sticks and chunks of bread.

Who could ever resist the ultimate in seventies dinner party style, a Black Forest Gateau, all those delicious black cherries on top of a chocolate sponge layered with cream. Mmmm.

If you want a 70’s movie playing (silently) in the background then why not put all time favourite, Ryan O’Neill and Ali McGraw’s  ‘Love Story‘ on the box. Who could forget these iconic lines ‘what can you say about a girl who loves Bach, Beethoven, the Beatles and me?’ or the final tear jerker ‘Love means never having to say you’re sorry’. Many of us went through more than one packet of tissues watching this at the cinema.

So turn up the stereo and join your friends as you boogy on down to Saturday Night Fever,  Stayin’ Alive, Metal Guru,  Disco Inferno, Hey Girl Don’t Bother Me,  Boogy Wonderland, I Love The Nighlife and loads of other 70’s hits.

John Travolta may not have been available when you sent him his invitation but you’re sure to find loads of look-a-likes dancing in your lounge as the evening wears on.

Slap on Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and before you know it the guys will all be head banging along. Turn the lights down and dance under the glitter ball to Simon & Garfunkel’s Bridge over Troubled Waters, followed by John Denver’s Annies Song and it’s the perfect end to a perfect 70’s party.

That just leaves the 2014’s cleaning up to look forward to in the morning.

What is your favourite song from the seventies?

Get in touch and let us know or tweet us your favourite at @underxmastree.  We’re looking forward to your bygone replies.

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