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How To Make A 3D Glitter Robin Christmas Bauble

Ever wanted to create your very own Christmas decorations? Check out our very easy how to make a 3D glitter Robin Christmas Bauble using our quick step by step guide below or by watching our fun YouTube Demonstration. Hobbycraft kindly supplied the products for this how to.

Christmas Robin Bauble

Creating your own Christmas decorations should be fun, easy and not break the bank.  Part of the fun of Christmas is looking at old family baubles and making new homemade one’s.  With a little sprinkle of festive cheer you will be able to deck the halls (and the rest of you home too!) in beautiful handmade ornaments.

All you need is a few simple accessories including some very sticky PVA glue, Styrofoam bauble and lots of glitter which will go everywhere and be found on everything so please put down newspaper or you may find even Santa looks extra sparkly this Christmas, this Robin bauble will put a smile of your family’s face everytime they put this chirpy robin on the Christmas tree.

Learn how to make a 3D Glitter Robin Christmas bauble below using our step by step guide or you can simply press the play button and watch how Katy made it on our official YouTube demonstration channel below:

Let’s get started:

For this project Hobbycraft sent us the following products:

  • Styrofoam baubles
  • Watery PVA glue
  • 24 mm eyes
  • Orange cardboard and brown felt
  • Red and Gold glitter shakers
  • Ribbon

Step 1.  The best way to start is by preparing the robin’s body and red breast to ensure both glitter’s do not over spill on each other. Cut out a round piece of paper that would be breast and place where the red glitter would go using a little blue tack so you can take it off later.

Step 2.  Cover the Styrofoam ball in watery pva glue, (you could use a paint brush or even an old baking brush) and then roll the ball in gold glitter. Allow this to dry.

Step 3.  Then, remove the paper and paint glue where the red glitter will be and gently start to dust and press on the red glitter in place. Leave to dry.

Step 4.  Using the orange cardboard (you could use felt or even foam) cut out a diamond shape fold in the middle and using a little pva glue stick on to form the beak!

Step 5.  Cut out some wings from the brown felt and stick to the sides of the baubles.  Next place the googly eyes on the bauble. We find that tacky glue is the best for sticking down the embellishments.

Step 6.  To finish off the glitter robin christmas bauble cut a length of ribbon and in the middle pierce through with a pin (If children are helping you could use the glue or blue tac instead of the pins) push through the top of the bauble and tie at the top!

And you are done! The glint of glitter hanging on the tree will make family and friends wonder how to make their very own glitter robin christmas bauble.

UnderTheChristmasTree loved making this rocky robin – who said crafting should only be for kids!

If you would like to create your very own 3d glitter robin bauble please visit Hobbycraft where you will be able to buy all the products and even challenge yourself to something harder.

Have you made any Christmas decorations and if so what?
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