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How To Make Taking Down The Christmas Decorations A Little Bit Better

It’s that time of year again that we all hate…taking down the Christmas decorations.

The job no-one likes doing but instead of it being sad why not turn it into a fun filled day! Here are some tips to make the day a little bit better:

1. Start planning for the next time the decorations go up
2. Make a list of new decorations you may want to buy for the following time they go up
3. Once they are down, have a treat, maybe your favourite dinner or chocolates etc
4. Put on some fun music
5. Watch one of your favourite film
6. Plan for the next big event – whatever your next event is start planning it
7. Play a family board game and take your mind off of it
8. Take a break in the middle and discuss al of the good things that happened in the Christmas holidays and what you loved about Christmas

What are your tips for making taking down the Christmas decorations a little it better? Comment below and let us know.

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