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How Will You Use Your Empty Quality Street Tins?

The last of the sweeties in the tin are about to be eaten which means Christmas has came to a definite end however Quality Street wants you to embrace the tins all year round and use them in whatever way possible.

Quality Street Tin


Did Christmas start when you saw the first batch of Quality Street tins hit the supermarkets? and does it end when the last sweetie (usually a toffee penny) is pilferage? according to chocolate makers at Quality Street this IS the case! however, they want you to keep hold of your empty tins and show how you can still use them all year round.

Over on the official Quality Street Facebook page you can a short 15-second film which brings to life the varied ways people are using their empty tins.

From storing Christmas decorations to excess bows and ribbons these handy little tubs are here to stay – just don’t be disappointed when you actually think you have an extra box of choccie left to find old penny’s and decorations inside!

How will you use your empty Quality Street tins/boxes? Share your ideas below.

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