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Illegal Mince Pies and Toilet Paper decor: Our funny Google searches

With Christmas fast approaching, Next have looked into some of the funniest festive-themed things people are typing into Google. From alternative food options (anyone for Christmas dinner in a can?) to outlandish decorations, it’s revealed some real gems. We’ve brought our favourites together to celebrate all the weird and wonderful Christmas queries at our favourite time of year!

Funny Google Searches
Image credit: Next

Last December:

3,600 people asked “how old is Father Christmas”
12,100 people wondered “is McDonald’s open on Christmas”
720 people asked “is it illegal to eat mince pies on Christmas Day”
110 people looked for tips on “how to tell family you’re not hosting Christmas”


Christmas Clock
Image credit: Gam-Ol via Pixabay

It turns out we’re an impatient lot. Whether it’s the thrill of gift giving, gift GETTING, or the thought of amazing food, many of us are keen for Christmas to arrive. Next found that over 3,000 of us asked “is it Christmas yet” and “how many seconds until Christmas” last December alone.

Some of us dust off the decorations months in advance, asking “is October too early to decorate for Christmas” almost 400 times between October 2018 and December 2018…we bet these folks have already finished their Christmas shopping!


Christmas dinner
Image credit: LesleyNegus via Pixabay

The famous Christmas dinner can be famously fiddly in the kitchen – no wonder some of us are looking for a way out. “Christmas dinner in a can” (6,600 searches in December 2018) would certainly require minimal preparation, but we reckon the roast potatoes won’t be anywhere near as good.

Looking to go out but still get a freshly-cooked meal, more than 12,000 people wondered “is McDonald’s open on Christmas” and nearly 200 searched “how much is Toby Carvery Christmas Day”. Meanwhile, a few would rather not host at all, with 110 of us Googling “how to tell your family you’re not hosting Christmas” last December (up 100% from the year before).

Anything to get out of cooking a turkey! Or get all hands on deck to deck the table with the family’s festive favourites (like TV’s Emma Willis – find out more about her Christmas traditions).

Funny Searches
Image credit: Next


Across decorations and gift ideas plenty of us are super-specific in what we want – or we’re buying for people who are!

If you’re looking for special presents, you could take a leaf (or a fir-tree branch?) out of the books from those asking Google “what to get a tech guy for Christmas” or even “what to get a crossfitter”, playing into hobbies and interests. Or do you face the near-impossible task of “what to get a boyfriend for Christmas who has everything”? Perhaps it’s easier with our own homes. No matter what styles we’re after, we turn to Google for the answer – like the “most expensive Christmas crackers”, “rose gold Christmas decorations”, or even “toilet paper decorations for Christmas”!

Discover even more funny Christmas searches on the Next website – and perhaps even the perfect gift, no matter who you’re searching for.

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