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It’s Time To Put Up Our Dew Drop Christmas Tree

Picking the perfect Christmas tree is something we here at UnderTheChristmasTree take very serious so when we decided our old and slightly balding however  still very loved artificial tree needed replaced we took our time deciding exactly who, what, where, why and when before buying. We were kindly sent this to review.

Heading straight to Homebase.com (because we knew delivery was quick and we got nectar points) we browsed through it’s range of artificial tress, unlike the pretenders of the past, today’s faux trees could easily pass as the real deal.

Now you would think that buying a tree would be as easy as munching on a dozen mince pie’s however we just couldn’t decide which one we wanted, if we went for one that was too bushy we would lose sight of poor John from our team (however a few of the crew didn’t think this was a bad thing!)  and if it was too high how on earth would we get our star on the top? eventually we decided between two and both were put to a vote and it was decided the Dew Drop 7ft Green Christmas Tree for £79.99 was the one for us.

After ordering up online (took us around 10 minutes) we expected delivery to take a few days however 2 days later our brand new Christmas tree arrives! Arriving in a sturdy cardboard box, we delved straight in and started to erect the tree.  Setting up was really easy and unlike having a real tree we weren’t left with a huge mess of broken branches and a million needles. The tree even bare looks great, at the end of the branches there are little ‘Dew drops’ to give it that wintry feel.

Homebase Christmas tree undecorated

Once set up we always like to leave our tree for about an hour to “settle” basically time to pour a mulled wine and crack into our tub of sweets. The tree itself looked bushy with no big empty gaps and unless you went right up to the tree you would honestly think it was real.  Fitting nicely into our space (the tree is lightweight however it is easier to already have your tree in place so you don’t have to move it) we were excited to get decorating!

Everyone is different when it comes to decorating your Christmas tree for us we always like to make it very personal with baubles from our childhood to newly bought ones from holidays abroad, however we do tend to keep to a theme – clear lights, red and gold baubles and some ribbon.  We noticed that our tree (unlike our previous one) was easy to fill and pushing the lights into the tree the branches were bushy enough that you couldn’t see the string.

Homebase Decorated Christmas Tree

Sitting high enough off the floor we could easily put our tree skirt on without being attacked by branches, the base was sturdy and it didn’t feel as though it was going to topple on top of you, perfect for Santa to place our presents under. As always John does the finishing touches – including putting the star on top of the Christmas Tree, as we picked the 7ft foot one (which surprisingly didn’t take up as much room as we originally thought it would) John got his step stool out and placed the star on top.

Turning off our lights we all gathered around (with a glass of sherry) and toasted to our new and might we add best looking tree yet! Overall we couldn’t be happier with our tree, yes we could have got one which was already pre-lit but who doesn’t love untangling a dozens lights for 3 hours every year?

Already we can tell this tree will do us the next 10 years and with the cost of real trees rising year after year we’re also saving ourselves a fortune. No more broken hoovers from pine needles falling off and if you like to keep things simple you could even just leave this with only lights on and no decorations as it looks just as nice.

You can buy the Dew Drop 7ft Green Christmas Tree from Homebase.com for £79.99 and either collect in store for free or have it delivered to your home.

What type of Christmas tree will you be buying for the festive season? Share your thoughts and comments below,

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