It’s Time To Re-pack Your Christmas Tree & Prepare For The Festive Season

Taking a little bit of time to store your Christmas tree and decorations correctly after the festive season ensures that they emerge in pristine condition the following year, which is why Hayes Garden World suggest re-packing your Christmas Tree in preparation for the Festive season.

Packing Christmas tree's and baubles

Every year we have the same situation – our Christmas Trees are all squashed together and the lights are tangled in a ball that not even the cats can claw their way into. Here’s a few tips for making sure your tree is in pristine condition for Christmas 2017.

If you just have a normal artificial Christmas tree without lights or Memory Wire branches they are perfectly fine stored in the original box. However if you do have a pre-lit tree or one of the Next Generation Trees with Memory Wire branches they can become damaged if you try and stuff them into too confined a space; so in this case a tree bag is essential. The beauty of Memory Wire is that the second year the tree requires hardly any tweaking, it just emerges in the same position as when you took it down. So if you do crush it back into the original box you will have to go through the whole set-up again; which really defeats the purpose of buying a tree with Memory Wire. Light bulbs can be broken if you try and squash them into a confined space so always use a tree bag for a pre-lit tree.

If you have a large tree which needs to be stored up in the attic take the tree bag to where it will be stored and take the sections of tree a piece at a time to the bag. This makes it so much easier than trying to lift a cumbersome package through the loft hatch and is also much less likely to break the bulbs. Don’t forget to sellotape the stand screws to the stand or else screw them back into the folded stand.

You can buy dedicated plastic storage boxes for your decorations, with individual compartments for each bauble; all you have to do is wrap each one in a little newspaper to stop it rolling around. If you don’t want the expense of buying a dedicated box just get some cheap plastic storage boxes from the pound shop and wrap each bauble in newspaper. Tree lights always come out of storage the following year in a tangled rats nest so the easiest way to avoid this is to wind them around a piece of sturdy cardboard, then store in a plastic box to avoid any breakages.

All this takes just a few more minutes than throwing them into a bag and certainly saves time and stress the following year, allowing you more time to put your feet up with a nice glass of something or warming mulled wine.

So there you have it! Get your Christmas tree out and save yourself a migraine come December by using these simple to follow tips.

Do you have any tips for storing Christmas decorations? Let us know in the comments below or feel free to get in touch using the social media icons.

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