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Keep An Eye On Your Pets This Christmas With Motorola Scout Camera 85

Here at UTCT we have two cats who are our pride and joy, however we know that when we’re out of the office those little mischief makers are probably misbehaving, so when we were sent Motorola Scout 85 Connect we wanted to keep an eye and see what they were up to, here’s what we thought. We were kindly sent this to review.

Taking a look at Scout 85 Connect we instantly had confidence in knowing that that camera was working in association with the RSPCA.

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Setting the camera up was really easy to do we simply placed the camera where we wanted it and plugged it into the mains and switched the switch to the ON position. To use the Wi-Fi feature we placed it within range of our Wi-Fi router. Next it was time to connect up the Wi-Fi so we could check on our furry friends via our smartphones and tablets.

Again this was easy to do, following the instructions we downloaded the Hubble for Motorola Monitors application via the Google Play Store and connected our Android device to our Wi-Fi router. Then we ran the Hubble and entered our Hubble information and accepted the Terms and Conditions and tapped create, however if you already have an account simply press the Already have an Account button and enter your information.

Next we added the SCOUT85CONNECT and tapped the Add Camera and press continue, it detected our camera and after pressing the PAIR button for around 3 seconds heard a Beep tone and then heard a voice saying “Ready to Pairing” and this connected our camera and then it flashed green and red. Entering the Wi-Fi Network and tapping continue connected the Wi-Fi, after that we were ready to start using the Scout Camera 85.

We could adjust any of the settings such as Camera Name, Camera Details and the Notification Sensitivity of sound and motion detection and to set an Alert for High/Low temperature. Using the Scout Connect’s motorized pan an tilt function allowed us to see 300 degrees of our pets and surroundings, so not only does it keep an eye on your pets but also your property as well. Using the digital zoom we could take a closer look at what those little cheeky monkeys – we caught them in the act! as while we were out at an event they roamed along our keyboards, however little did they know that we could call out and ask them politely to get their paws off the keyboards! This did cause a bit of confusion as they didn’t know where the voice was coming from.

We could also manually capture images and recordings via the in-app and use the Timeline feature to keep track of events.

Overall we thought this Motorola Scout Camera 85 was a brilliant way to keep an eye on your pets and also your home and gave peace of mind when we had to go out for a while especially as the Christmas festivities have begun.

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