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Keep Your Home Safe This Christmas With Smanos W100 WiFi Alarm System

Going away for Christmas or just want that extra peace of mind knowing your home is protected as your away shopping? Then Smanos W100 Plug And Play Alarm System could just be the solution your looking for.

When first taking a look at this alarm system we were impressed with its sleek, modern design – it just blends in with any room and when looking in the box it didn’t look too difficult to set up.

In the box you get the alarm itself, PIR Motion Detector, Door/Window Contact and 2 Wireless Remote Controls all of which are wireless. On the front of the alarm screen is an LED screen and touch panel to operate the system which looks sleek.  The way Smanos W100 Home Alarm System works is basically with double the security, so if the alarm is triggered, the system will dial out to pre-programmed numbers so that you can response, you can add upto six different numbers.

The WiFi connection is IEEE802.11b/g compatible and works as a backup, so what does that mean? If your landline is compromised, the system can still send out alerts and accept smartphone app commands – so basically you get double the security.

You can access your alarm anywhere in the world as you can download the app from Google Play or the App store and this is completely free to do.

Don’t worry if there is a power cut, the built-in rechargeable battery will take over the operations panel, so you know no matter what your house is protected.

Overall we through this at home wireless alarm was brilliant, so easy to set-up and with the double security we felt that our property was very well protected and gave us peace-of-mind when we had to go out.

You can buy this home alarm system at www.getsmanos.co.uk and also available from Maplin.

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