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LeapFrog LeapTV Will Get Your Minds And Bodies Moving This Christmas

Designed for young children age 3-8 you’re children will be able to get their minds and bodies moving in minutes with the LeapTV Educational video gaming system.

Christmas Gift Kids 2015 - LeapFrog LeapTV

Fun, exciting and full of educational benefits – this is what Elaine from our team thought when she connected LeapFrog’s LeapTV gaming system. Taking it out of the colourful green packaging which shows all the features including the three modes your child can play in: Body motion, Pointer play and Classic control, Elaine plugged everything in, which took 10 minutes and easily went through the setup procedure.

First off you get everything you need to get going however a pair of AA batteries for the controller are needed and these are not included so please be sure to have some ready so kids can play straight away. The device itself looks like a grey frisbee which sits comfortable in the pod, the remote can twist to snap into a pointer and back into a controller and the camera is small and can be placed anywhere in the room.

LeapFrog LeapTV

Setting up includes connecting to your Wi-Fi and either linking up existing Leapfrog accounts or creating a new one. Choose from all the options including age/level of your child and then connect your “X-Box Kinect style camera”, Elaine found setting the camera up near a light helped with the camera to “see” the child.

Once set up Elaine go straight into playing the built-in Pet Play World, she felt children would love the game as it uses all three modes – the body motion, like the Xbox allows you to interact with your hands and body to what is on the screen, the remote which can be turned into a wand style pointer (a bit like the Wii remote) and classic control where children can play using the remote.

Suitable for children age 3-8 the LeapTV also includes audio instructions for kids who cannot read yet, so even the youngest preschoolers can play. With a library of 100+ games to choose from there are games to suit every age however these are sold separately and are prices at around £25 each which can work out a little pricey.

LeapTV Games - 2015 Christmas Gift idea

Overall the LeapTV is an excellent choice for young children and a fantastic alternative to the more advanced Xbox consoles, games are a little expensive however LeapFrog have said more budget options will soon be available. UnderTheChristmasTree gives this a 4 out of 5 mince pie star rating and feel it would make an ideal Christmas gift!

You can buy LeapTV by CLICKING HERE for £48.66 right now at Amazon UK. This does have an RRP of £99.99 for more information please visit: LeapFrog UK

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