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Lego Minifigures Series 8 – Check out the characters here

Launching their latest minifigures – Series 8, Lego the UK’s number one selling toy are all about villains, Pirates and even a jolly Santa Clause.

Retailing in stores on September 1st the eighth series have 4 female figures and 12 male.

We have to say…and were not just wanting to make sure we are on the nice list but Santa is on of our favourites he looks so Christmassy….have you put our name on the nice list yet?

Who do you like the best? and which minifig are you not so keen on? (if we were you don’t say Alien Villainess she looks a bit angry!) You can get more information from:http://minifigures.lego.com

Below is some information on each of the released series 8 minifigures from LEGO:

Actor – “To build, or not to build…that’s not a hard question at all!”

Can take on any role you can imagine, from Romeo to Juliet (he will do ANY part) he will always receive a standing ovation.

The Thespian was just a minor character at the old LEGO studios however his fame and stardom have taken over. The Actor minifigure comes with skull and he is wearing what looks like a Shakespearean outfit!

Pirate Captain – “Yarr! Don’t ye know who I be? And if not, do ye have any suggestions?”

You wouldnt want to get on any ship with this rugged looking pirate as No matter whether it’s a man o’ war or a dinghy, any vessel capsizes within five minutes of him coming aboard.

You wouldn’t guess he would get seasick? but he is! Trying to find a name that will strike the fear into anyone he just cant find the right one. Pirate minifigure comes with iron sword, peg leg and skull & cross bone hat.

Conquistador – “Excuse me, but do you happen to have any gold?”

This devilishly handsome looking guy REALLY loves gold and it’s more to do with the way it looks rather than having lots of wealth.

Traveling the world in search of all things gold he just cant seem to part anyone with theirs… how strange.

Conquistador minifigure comes with his jousting lance.

Evil Robot – “Not computing does not build!”

Dedicating all of his time to scupper everything Robot does, Evil Robot walks backward, tries to be as lazy as possible and he even recruits others to do his dirty work for him… Sounds just like a certain boss we know (only kidden!)

The Evil Robot minifigure comes with his red lazer gun.

Diver – “There’s always something new another hundred fathoms down.”

A born explorer the diver loves to seek out new ocean depths in search of new discoveries.

With weighted belt & boots he can spend hours wandering through the sea. Diver minifigure comes with his detector.

Vampire Bat – “Vhat a lovely day!”

He monster master’s chief hench-bat but he doesn’t want to help him with his recent evil adventure – to try and steal the sun and plunge the world into total darkness… even though he is a bat!

He loves being out in the sun and is hoping the human’s can scupper his master plan. The vampire bat minifigure comes with his wings.

Fairy – “Now, what was it you wanted? A quarter for your carriage, or a tooth turned into a pumpkin?”

Always caring for other, Fairy can get a little confused especially as she is flying up, down, over and under.

Do you know which kind of fair she is? cause’ she cant! Trying everything from leaving glass slippers, transformed rocks into princes and more.

Fair minifigure comes with her pink wand.

Football Player – “Bring it on! I’m ready for anything!”

Never wanting to let his team down, the footballer trains exceedingly hard. He trains in every way possible – even in snowshoes in case they have to play in a blizzard.  You will want to be part of his team as he leads them to victory!

The football player minifigure comes with helmet and trophy cup.

Businessman – “Me? Why, I’m just a simple businessman.”

He might look like an ordinary worker however rumors have circulated that his briefcase contains a hidden microcomputer, his newspaper is a well-camouflaged data pad and his glasses allow him to see in the dark – however such rumors are to be strictly ignored.

Businessman minifigure comes with bowler hat, briefcase and paper.

Downhill Skier – “Don’t worry – it’s all downhill from here!”

No matter what the obstacle the downhill skier is always the optimist.

Her positive attitude makes every problem seem small and easy dealt with.

The downhill skier comes with skies.

Red Cheerleader – “Gimme an even louder L, E, G and O! All right!”

Determined to make sure her team beat everyone else the Red Cheerleader can go a little over the top.

With acrobatics…and then fireworks…and then parade floats – we’re just glad she isn’t voice activated!

Red cheerleader minifigure comes with pom pom’s.

Santa – “Ho ho ho!”

Magically flying his sleigh through the sky, Santa delivery’s shiny new bricks to anyone who wants one… Can we have some?

Once his job is done he heads back to the North Pole and shakes his big round belly like a bowl full of jelly!

Santa minifigure comes with his sack.

Lederhosen Guy – “Hello! Do you like lederhosen?”

He just loves Lederhosen, he goes to lederhosen conventions, subscribes to lederhosen magazines, and even writes a lederhosen blog… are we just saying lederhosen because we like the word??

Lederhosen Guy comes with a pretzel.

DJ – “You haven’t heard anything yet!”

You can send in any request and this number-one DJ will get it playing for you!

He loves Rock ‘n roll and whats more he can bust a move or two!

DJ minifigure comes with LP’s.

Cowgirl – “Ain’t nobody quicker’ n me, pardner!”

Rootin’ Tootin’ cowgirl will round up any bandit with the help of her lasso. Known for stopping a charging bison, fixing a broken bridge there not much this lil lady cant do, apart from helping a cowboy track down his horse… but she sure will give it a go.

Cowgirl Minifigure comes with rope.

Alien Villainess – “Go forth, my minions, and bring me the universe!”

With a name which no one can pronounce the villainess aims to control the whole of the outer space, unfortunately the pesky Intergalactic Girl keeps getting in her way.

We just cant understand why everyone doesn’t swear total allegiance to her? Alien Villainess minifigure comes with her gun.

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Do you like the new series 8 minifigures? Who is your favourite? and who strikes the fear into you? Comment us below via our comments box.

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