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Letter To Santa From 1925 Found In Chimney!

Of all the things we expect to find up our chimneys (soot, twigs – pesky birds!), we didn’t expect to hear that one family found a letter written to Santa Claus dating back to 1925.

Builders were shocked to find the letter penned to Santa Claus himself whilst undergoing work on a chimney in East Sussex.

The letter is in excellent condition considering it’s age and it’s hiding place.

The letter to Father Christmas from E. Short reads:

‘Daddy Christmas, will you please bring me these things. Fort, cannon, box of soldiers & Indians, chocolate, boat, book, handkerchiefs. Yours truly, E. Short.’

We’re sure you’ll agree that this is a stark contrast from today’s wishlists which include Ipads, Drones and Xbox.

The letter was found in Emily Nash’s home in Eshton Road, Sussex. Emily has kindly released images of the letter in the hope of finding the family to which the letter belongs who she hopes might be able to tell her more about the child who wrote the letter to Father Christmas.

It’s sad to hear that Santa did not receive the child’s letter but fear not, remember that Santa Claus can see everything and we are certain that E Short was greeted with something special on Christmas morning.

Such a lovely heartwarming Christmas story!

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