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Christmas Gift Review 2020: Lush The Art Of Christmas Bathing

It’s Winter, it’s cold and wet and there’s nothing better than coming home and getting a hot soak in the bath which is why Lush The Art Of Bathing gift set is perfect.

Lush The Art of Christmas Bathing
Image credit: Lush

We were kindly sent this by Lush to review, all thoughts and opinions are our own and we may earn a commission through some of the links on this page.

Mandy said: “There is nothing worse than a cold, wet Winter night but I do love coming home and having a long, hot soak in the bathtub and I love adding in bath bombs etc so I was really excited to try this Limited Edition gift set by Lush.

Lush The Art Of Christmas Bathing Gift Set

The first thing I will say, the packaging with Santa on the front having a scrub was really fun and quirky and I liked how bright and cheery the box looked. When I opened this I was instantly met with all of the different scents each of the items had and couldn’t wait to try them all. One thing I will highlight was how well packaged in each of these were as the products are very fragile and none of these had broken as these were in secure sections with Eco pops which are biodegradable.

Lush The Art Of Christmas Bathing Eco Pops

I tried quite a few of these out and I have to say each of these smelled so nice and I loved the fact that I could reuse these over and over again. First up I tried the Glittering Orange Toy which also had a gold shimmer over it. This was a bath bomb so I simply dropped this into the bathwater and I couldn’t believe the colour that the water had turned, it looked orange with shimmering gold and had a lovely refreshing orange scent to it.

Lush The Art Of Christmas Bathing Bath Bombs

Next up was the Snowman Dreaming Bath Bomb, it was white and had colour bursts of blue, pink and light peach, again when this went into the water it was like a rainbow! The scent was lovely as it was Lavender which is always useful especially after a long, busy day in the office.

Candy Cane Reusable Bubble Bar followed these and the one thing I like about all of the bubble bars is that you can use only a little or use it all at once so you can reuse it again and again if you want to. If you were looking for an uplifting bubble bar then this is the one for you as it is zesty lemon and Bergament Oil which gives a real lift. The Elfie Stick Bubble Bar I have to say, I think is my favourite. Firstly I liked the name and thought the design of an elf show was very fitting for Christmas. This bubble bar had lemon and also Vetivert Oil which is a great way to pause and release any tension away.

Lush The Art Of Christmas Bathing Bath Bars And Bath Oils

Kinky Boots is a bubble bar and bubble oil at the same time, not only does it have a fun design but this has Jasmine, vegan musk and cocoa butter, the winter can be hard on my skin so this did help my skin to feel nice and soft.

Snow Fairy Bath Bomb was my favourite out of all of the bath bombs because it smelled just like candyfloss! It was sweet, fluffy and just so nice, plus the bath water did turn a nice pink and white colour which I thought was very fitting with the candy floss scent.

Finally, I tried out Golden Wonder Bath Bomb which was shaped just like a Christmas present and had a lovely white bow on the top and the rest was a cream/honeycomb colour. However, the water turned a blue/green colour which was quite a surprise and had shimmer and little stars in the bath which were a nice touch.

Lush The Art Of Christmas Bathing Bath Bombs New

Overall I loved all of the bath products in Lush The Art Of Bathing At Christmas, the fact that the box and ribbon have been made from recyclable board and plastic and has Eco Pops which are biodegradable is a big plus point as this helps the environment and the entire contents are vegan. I can definitely see myself buying quite a few of these products individually.

Lush The Art Of Bathing At Christmas costs £100 and is limited edition. You can find out more information over at Lush.