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Make your own Christmas Wreath

It will soon be time to put up the Christmas tree and decorate our homes for the festive season.

Last to be put up is usually the wreath we hang on our front door to welcome everyone who visits.

How much nicer for friends and family to be greeted by a homemade wreath which even the youngest member of the family took part in.

Take full advantage of a crisp, sunny day (if we should ever get one) and take the kids out for a walk in the countryside and collect pieces for your wreath. Look out for cones, dried flower heads and seed heads as you enjoy your walk as these make great and colourful additions.

If the weather lets you down or you just don’t have time for a long walk, you may well find enough pieces in your garden to make and decorate your wreath

Christmas wreaths can be made from bundles of twigs which you could probably collect from your garden or for the more traditional look cover your frame with pieces of evergreen and then decorate with the collection from your walk or garden.

Form your bundle of twigs into a ring and using garden string, raffia or wire, bind them together.

Ready made frames can be purchased from most florists. If you choose a metal frame, firstly pack it with florists’ moss, using green string or wire to hold it in place.

As you add your evergreen foliage, holly, pine cones, hips, catkins, mistletoe and other decorations continue with the binding process to keep them all tightly together.

If you prefer a frosted look finish your wreath with a snow spray.

Don’t forget to put a strong piece of wire onto the back of your wreath so that you can hang it on your door.

Send us a picture of your home made Christmas wreath we’d love to see them.

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