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Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas 2020 special WILL go ahead

After dominating the festive ratings over the past few years, Mrs Browns Boys is set to be back for Christmas 2020 with its special according to Agnes herself!

But will a live audience even be possible?…

Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas 2019 special
Image credit: BBC/Hungry Bear

Fans of the long-running comedy series, which has us all giggling in our chairs, will be thrilled to hear their favourite comedy mammy will be back again this year for a Christmas special on BBC One.

Speaking to Liveline on RTE Radio One, the creator of the show Brendan O’Carroll said: “We’ll be recording the Christmas specials in October. “We got a list of guidelines from the BBC about two weeks with 70 things we can and can’t do.

However also unsure whether a live audience will be able to attend, O’Carroll said: “The recording definitely will go ahead but whether or not we have an audience, that’s going to be the thing.” He added: “I think there’s going to be a bounce-back I really do.”

Mrs Brown's Boys 2018 Christmas special
Image credit: BBC/Hungry Bear

So when will the 2020 Christmas Special air? if the Beeb sticks to the winning formula, like last year, we are likely to see the first episode on Christmas night, and the second on 1 January 2021, yes we did actually just mention 2021.

Who and what can we expect to see in the festive shows? Well, if Agnes has anything to do with it the possibilities are endless! Could we see Mammy stuck indoors having to socially distance herself from friends and family? or will we see them all reuniting after such an uncertain year?

Well ‘that’s nice’…

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