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Norvia Weight Loss Total Nutrition Formula

Norvia combines nature + science to give you total nutrition and can help contribute to weight loss. We were kindly sent this to review.

Image of Norvia shakes and bottles
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There are 14 shakes included in the pack and comes in Ice Vanilla and Arctic Chocolate. The shakes are plant-based protein and has 25 essential vitamins & minerals. There are three different ways in which can help you lose weight, attack, integrate and maintain. So taking a look at each mode, with Attack up first, you can use 5 x Norvia shakes a day, every 3 hours, 2 litres of water and you can eat unlimited low calorie vegetables, this option is to replace all meals with Norvia.

Image of Norvia drinks

Next up is the Integrate which is for gradual weight loss, replace 2 meals with Norvia. Have 3 x Norvia a day + 1 x calorie-controlled meal, 2L water and eat unlimited low calorie vegetables which is for gradual weight loss. Finally there is the option is the Maintain which 1 replace 1 meal with Norvia.

Image of Norvia drinks and bottle

This replacements includes having 2 x calorie-controlled meals and have 1-2 Norvia shakes a day, 2L water and eat unlimited low calorie vegetables. To make up the shakes you simply take one of the sachets and add in 300ml of cold water into a shaker, then give it a shake for around 5 seconds and it is ready to drink.

Norvia can be bought online for £34.95 for 14 sachets here.

We were sent Norvia and all thoughts are our own.

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