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Would you want an 18CT Gold Peperami for your Christmas?

The masterminds behind Britain’s favourite pork snack, have created the world’s most expensive Peperami, but would you want to receive this for Christmas?

Yes, honestly!

Image of Peperami 18CT gold necklace
Image credit: Peperami

The one-of-a-king extravagant item replicates the famous Original wrapper but it is in 18ct yellow gold, yes REAL GOLD!

Placed with a heavy chain, the pendant has an opening at the back that allows the wearer to refill it time and time again with their favourite Peperami snack. The necklace is valued at a massive £1500 and will weigh 295g, it would certainly make a statement to your Christmas day outfit.

Peperami Necklace
Image credit: Peperami

For those you don’t have thousands to spare, Peperami will be giving one lucky winner the chance to win one and entrants will need to simply participate in one of the brands #MeatTheBeat which will run across social media until the end of September.

Mini Peperami Necklace
Image credit: Peperami

For those who want a mini version of the necklace, Peperami and Engravers Guild of London have created a limited-edition of the necklace for £75 and will be available to buy on the jewellers’ website.

We can’t wait to see what the challenges are! but if you’re asking us would this be the ultimate Christmas gift?…we can honestly say, we’re just not sure.

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