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Pizza Express Launches Roast Dinner Pizza This Christmas

Pizza fanatics could the new roast dinner topping be your new festive fancy as Pizza Express release a Beef, Horseradish, and potato-laden Romana pizza and YES the iconic Snowball Dough Balls are also coming back.

Pizza Express Beef, Horseradish and potato-laden Romana pizza

Have you ever thought about topping your pizza with roast potatoes – no? well Pizza Express certainly has as its new Christmas menu includes a pizza with roast potatoes, roast beef and Horseradish sauce, topping a passata base with red onion and rosemary.

However the yuletide fun doesn’t stop there as a maple-glazed gammon romana topped with sweet and sour spiced apricot chutney and for¬†Vegetarians, enjoy a roast potato pizza, served on a b√©chamel sauce base, seasoned with thinly roast potato slices, nutty fintal cheese, red onion, capers and fresh rosemary all which add to the new season specials.

Pizza Express maple-glazed gammon romana

This is not the first time we’ve had a surprise option from Pizza Express, in 2016 they released a Cauliflower Cheese pizza and panettone and Bailey-based cocktails.

For dessert, Snowball Dough Ball fans will more than jolly to hear they are back for another year! however we’re not sure which one to choose after seeing the new The Caramel & Pear Gelato which brings three beautiful ingredients together – pear, caramel and cinnamon, we’re going for both.

Pizza Express Snowball Dough Ball

And to was it all down how about the creamy and comforting Hot Chocolate Orange which combines a non-alcoholic gourmet orange syrup with hot chocolate, and is topped with indulgent whipped cream.

Hot Chocolate Orange

Available from the 21st November 2017 – plenty of time to taste test them all before the big day!

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