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Poundland’s #ElfBehavingBad Christmas Ad BANNED by ASA

Some say it was all just a little light-hearted festive fun however The Advertising Standards Authority has decided the Poundland risque ads are to be banned and must not be repeated.

Who thought an Elf would cause so much trouble….

Poundland naughty elf behind bars
Image credit: Poundland

Ahead of Christmas, Poundland releases around nine different racy elf ads across its social media accounts which showed it’s Elf on the Shelf behaving very naughty including sitting in a hot tub with naked Barbie dolls.

The ASA ruled the ads were offensive for their “depiction of toy characters and other items which had been displayed in a sexualised manner and were unsuitable to be displayed in an untargeted medium where children could see them”

The regulator went on to say: “The ads must not appear again in their current form. We told Poundland Ltd to ensure that their advertising was presented with a sense of responsibility and did not cause serious or widespread offence.”

Poundland Elf ads 2017
Image credit: Poundland

However it seems the retailer is not for backing down too easily as the company responded by not only putting its elf behind bars at Wormwood Scrubbers they also changed its name to PROUDLAND said: “their elf campaign was based on humour and double entendres.”

And if that wasn’t all even the “naughty Elf” made a statement saying: “Britain’s the home of saucy postcards, Carry On films and panto, so I’m sad the ASA found my double entendres hard to swallow.

“At least it’s only 85 people who had a sense of humour failure compared to the tens of thousands who got the joke and liked and shared my posts online.”

Storm in a teacup - poundland
Image credit: Poundland

A campaign to see Elfie back this Christmas 2018 has now launched over on social media;

We think only Santa can decide if Pounland is on the naughty list!

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