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Pranksters Billy Connolly And Paul McCartney Pull A Christmas Cracker!

We all know Billy Connolly is the king of comedy, but little did we know that Macca was game for a prank or two after his good friend Billy Connolly pulled a Christmas Cracker.

Billy Connolly recently revealed that he and Paul McCartney have an ongoing joke on who can send the most recent Christmas card.

Connolly revealed that he asked his daughter to post a Christmas card to McCartney over the festive season but she forgot all about it and it ended up arriving with the Beatles star in March.

Talking to The Evening Times, Connolly said:

“I got a lovely letter from Paul McCartney saying ‘Thanks for the Christmas card, it’s made March such a nice month’, And so I got one from him this year in March. So I sent his three days ago.”

Christmas cards are not just for Christmas! It seems as though Christmas is firmly on their minds!

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