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Prepare ahead for Family & Friends This Christmas

Christmas is well and truly on it’s way and many of us are already on the lookout for (not to expensive) gifts for family and friends.

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Thanks to the Coronavirus, many of us may find it exceedingly difficult to start saving for Christmas, however saving even the smallest amount can make a difference and buying 1 or 2 small gifts every month can soon add up. Head over to Amazon and search for puzzles and games early, there are some real bargains to be found there.

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If it’s your turn to host the annual Christmas dinner for friends and family take note of the number of adults and children who will be sitting round the table and calculate how much you can afford and budget realistically. Usually round Christmas time, the supermarkets have their veg on offer for example Aldi had Brussel Sprouts, Carrots, Swede/Turnip, Red Cabbage, Parsnips and Potatoes all down to just £0.19p each. The whole of your veg for your Christmas day dinner could cost less than £1.20p.

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We all love to hear the postman dropping Christmas mail through our letterbox, but with 1st class stamps costing a hefty 70p and second class only slightly cheaper at 61p it can turn out to be really costly. So why not send an e-card instead? It will cost you nothing but still lets you send a card to someone you care about.

Christmas is a wonderful time for families to get together but many neighbours may well be celebrating Christmas on their own. Why not write your Christmas cards and take the kids with you to deliver the cards by hand.

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It takes next to no time to stop for a quick chat with a neighbour as you go and  if you can add a small gift or add one extra for dinner, it would make such a huge difference to an elderly person that hasn’t had a conversation with anyone in a while.

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