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Preparing for Christmas with a Plastic Free Clean by Splosh

Clean your home the eco-friendly way as experts from Splosh an eco refill cleaning company share its advice for a cleaner plastic-free Christmas!


Most people associate cleaning with the spring clean – a new year, new beginnings and time to clear out your junk and start afresh.

However, Christmas is also a time when you start to view your home in a different way and spot every piece of dirt and dust. This is because Christmas is a time for entertaining and you’re also spending a lot of time indoors during winter. If your in-laws are due to descend on you over the Christmas period you’ll want to make sure your home is looking it’s best and that means a deep clean.

You might instinctively head to the cleaning aisle in your local supermarket and fill your trolley with bottles and bottles of cleaning products. But wait, there is a better way where you can make your home sparkling clean without the trip to the shops or all of those plastic bottles.

Plastic Bottles

Splosh, an eco refill cleaning company is eliminating plastic waste one bottle at a time. Splosh is a leader in the re-fill market due to its innovative products that come as concentrates with customers simply having to mix with tap water.  The range of traditional products, from washing up liquids to shower gels, are conveniently delivered through letterboxes and the refill pouches can be returned, free of charge to be recycled into new products.

This ‘closed-loop’ approach enables Splosh to not only offer value for money but also save hundreds of thousands of plastic bottles from going to waste.  They have currently saved almost 800,000 from landfill over two years.

Splosh Laundry Rnage

One of the best early Christmas presents you can buy for yourself is the starter pack from Splosh. You can choose your pack which comes with your bottles – bottles that you will never have to throw away or recycle! Each time you run out you can simply top it up with the concentrate and water.

The pomegranate and melon kitchen cleaner is one of Splosh’s most popular products and the spearmint and melon bathroom cleaner is a particular favourite. The Splosh range includes laundry detergents, fabric conditioners, washing up liquids, dishwasher tablets, kitchen cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, hand washes and shower gels.

Importantly, Splosh is great value for money because there’s no unnecessary packaging and they also have a value range too. Splosh also has an app which makes the process of buying super easy and the refill pouches are delivered through your letterbox the next day.

Splosh Kitchen Cleaner
Image credit: Splosh

Among several firsts, Splosh has developed the world’s first refillable toilet bowl cleaner and the first shower gel from refillable concentrate.  Splosh has also gone one step further in their drive to save 1 billion bottles from bins by hijacking competitors’ bottles in a bid to cut waste plastic to zero. Customers simply rinse out an old hand wash bottle, stick the Splosh label on and follow the instructions, filling up with a Splosh refill pouch and then adding water.

All Splosh products are environmentally friendly and are gentle on the earth and the skin too.  Meaning that as you scrub the guest bathroom before your visitors arrive, you’re safe in the knowledge that you’re not using any harsh, toxic chemicals. Why not leave the Splosh shower gel in there too and your guests can discover the plastic-free way to clean and help save the planet?

Thanks to Splosh for sharing its advice, tips and suggestions on how to have a plastic-free clean this Christmas!

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