Professor Brian Cox And Eric Idle To Star In BBC Two Christmas Special

BBC Two has announced that Professor Brian Cox is to star in a one hour Christmas Special along side legendary Eric Idle.
BBC Two Christmas special

Called The Entire Universe, the one hour special will combine fascinating facts about the birth of the universe with famous faces popping up throughout the show.

Just as you will expect, the Forces of Nature presenter will start his show, as he always does, with a scientific Christmas lecture however he soon realises that he is in fact in the middle of a musical at Rutland Weekend Television!

In just one-hour Prof Brian Cox will try to educate (through dance, comedy and music!) Eric who has a complete lack of knowledge when it comes to science.  You will see many well known faces playing huge roles including: Warwick Davis plays the part of The Big Bang, Noel Fielding takes on Einstein and Hannah Waddingham tackles time, while Robin Ince attempts to keep order.

Eric Idle says: “I am very pleased that Rutland Weekend Television is back on BBC TV with a Christmas Special only 41 years after its last one.

Whilst Brian said:  I’ve made many television documentaries over the years, and a constant complaint has been that the music is too loud and obscures the science. This undermines my credibility as a serious scientist. I expect The Entire Universe to be the final nail in the coffin.”

Professor Brian Cox

This will be filmed in front of a live audience and shown at Christmas. Once dates have been fully confirmed we will put them on this page. You can see more confirmed Christmas specials HERE.

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