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Exclusive Christmas Q&A with Kim Wilde

We were delighted to catch up with pop star Kim Wilde who shares with us, in this exclusive Q&A, all about her Christmas tour and album including, how she really feels about Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree with Mel Smith being played everywhere during the holiday season.

Image of Kim Wilde

Christmas 2019 saw you tour with ‘Wilde Winter Acoustic’, what made you decide on a Christmas theme?

My ‘Wilde Winter Songbook’ album is one of my all-time favourite recording experiences, especially as the Deluxe version features a video for all 12 songs. The tour was an extension of some unforgettable charity concerts we did at Knebworth House a few years ago; I’m hoping to do many more.

Could we expect a new Christmas album to follow or maybe a re-release of ‘Wilde Winter Songbook’?

We’re re-issuing ‘Wilde Winter Songbook’ this Christmas…hopefully with some live recordings made on 2019’s Christmas Tour as an added bonus.

Which song do you love performing most from the show?

Some songs I share directly with the audience and jump off stage to mingle with the crowd, those are some of my most treasured memories. I’m usually singing ‘I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas’ as I know for sure everyone can join in …and what a very moving experience that is.

Do you ever get fed up of hearing Rockin Around the Christmas Tree (featuring Mel Smith) being blasted out everywhere at Christmas?

I’m always grateful when our version of that song is played and honoured to have my name associated with such a joyful Christmas song!

What’s your favourite Christmas memory?

Looking out of my mum & dad’s window in S.E London when I was 5, and seeing Father Christmas’s sleigh parked outside ; )

What is Christmas like in the Wilde household?

I’m a very enthusiastic Christmas decorator and a sucker for sparkly lights as well as my precious box of decorations collected over the years.

My song  ‘One’ from ‘Wilde Winter Songbook’ was inspired by this collection and the memories they always bring back each year as we decorate the tree.

‘One by one, out from the box they’ll come, shiny and new, memories of Christmas’s past we’ve been through…me and you…we are ONE’

Huge thanks for Kim for answering all of our questions and we can’t wait to see what’s in store next! Do you want to WIN one of 5 SIGNED copies of Kim’s Wilde Winter Songbook? You can by entering HERE.

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