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Radio 1’s popular Christmas Takeover returns

BBC Radio 1 will welcome a host of new presenters between Boxing Day and New Year’s Day 2022, giving new and emerging talent the chance to showcase their skills.

BBC Radio 1's Christmas Takeover
Image credit: BBC/Radio 1

Launched in 2019, the Christmas Takeover provides a valuable springboard for emerging presenters working to carve out careers in national radio, with many of the guests presenters going on to achieve major successes across the industry.

Dean McCullough says: “The Radio 1 Christmas Takeover has genuinely changed my life. When I sent in my demo in October 2020 I didn’t think for one second I’d get a call back never mind my own weekend show 6 months later. Make sure your demo sells ‘you’, don’t try to sound like someone on the station and make sure your best content is at the beginning. Leave all the station jargon out, get straight into the action. Make the content is relatable and have so much fun they have to bring you in for a pilot. Most of all, even if you aren’t 100% happy with it, send the demo in and believe with every inch of your heart that you’re the right person for the gig!”.

Vicky Hawkesworth says: “Hands down sending in a demo for The Christmas takeover 2020 was the best thing I ever did. I went from recording links in the box room in Bolton, to presenting a daytime show on Radio 1 with Dean McCullough. It has changed my life and I have met and worked with so many incredible and talented people over the last two years. It all started with that one demo so SEND ONE IN NOW!”

Aled Haydn Jones, Head of Radio 1, says: “Since its launch in 2019, Radio 1’s Christmas Takeover has provided a platform for some of the UK’s most exciting, undiscovered radio presenters and has enabled huge successes both within Radio 1 and elsewhere in national radio, which is testament to the importance and power of this initiative. We’re proud to have discovered some incredible talent within the past three years and look forward to seeing what this next round brings.”

Applications for this year are open now via the Radio 1 website and close at midnight on Thursday 22 September. Radio 1 want to hear from DJs and presenters with previous radio experience, be it in community, hospital, student or local radio.

Radio 1 launched the Christmas Takeover in 2019 with many presenters going ton to have huge success.