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Rosebud Preserves: Is this the best Winter marmalade yet?

Yorkshire’s award-winning artisan food producer has collaborated with Masons Yorkshire Gin to produce what we can only describe as one of the best marmalade out – NEW Satsuma & Masons Yorkshire Gin.

Even though we’re tip-toeing our way into Spring our obsession with all things Christmas and gin is still as strong as ever. And the best Winter marmalade has just launched – Satsuma and Masons Yorkshire Gin.

Rosebud Preserves and Masons Yorkshire Gin Marmalade

Described as ‘Bright, fresh and floral with botanical notes of lavender, juniper and star anise.’ this sounds perfect to us.

Catherine Mason, co-owner of Masons Yorkshire Gin, says: “A collaboration with Rosebud preserves made perfect sense as their company ethos of producing high quality products equal ours at Masons. We absolutely love the satsuma gin marmalade.”

Our toast just got a whole lot better!

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