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RSPCA Estimates £250 million Could Be Spent on Pet Presents this Christmas

Following a survey of more than 200 pet owners the RSPCA revealed that around 90% of owners would be buying a Christmas pressie for their pet.


More than a third (35%) of pet owners buying presents spend more on their pets than their siblings, a quarter (25%) spend more on pets than their parents and 7% spend more on their pets than their children!

We all love to receive cards at Christmas and according to the RSPCA survey almost 3 out of 10 will be given a card from their owner and a staggering 43% admitted that they will buy a gift for others from their pet.

34% of owners buy a special pet-safe advent calendar and over half of pets have a Christmas stocking (both our office cats have their own Christmas stocking and so far Santa’s not forgotten to put something inside them)

To view a range of Purrrfect gifts for your pet visit the RSPCA shop and take a look at their range.

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