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Sainsbury’s launch Pigs in BEACH TOWELS

That’s right festive friends, Sainsbury’s has brought back the Christmas classic but with a Summer twist as they launch Pigs in BEACH TOWELS.

Sainsburys Pigs in Beach Towels
Image credit: Sainsbury’s

Now, we’re all up for putting a festive spin on one the UK’s most loved meaty treats, however, can we really give Sainsbury’s the yule-tide thumbs up for their take on the classic Pigs in Blankets as they launch pigs in BEACH TOWEL.

Wondering what makes these stand our from their Christmas counterpart? well, Sainsbury’s Pigs in Beach Towels are the supermarket’s scrumptious jumbo sausages wrapped in streaky bacon and come pre-skewered ready to grill on the BBQ.

We’re seeing a few similarities to the chestnut smoked British streaky bacon pigs in blankets however, the UK supermarket sold over 20 million individual of these bad boys last Christmas, so it’s no wonder the store wanted to bring back this classic for the BBQ season.

Pigs in Beach Towels
Image credit: Sainsbury’s

Although, they’re swaying us with what sounds and looks like a delicious Summer alternative, we’re still on the fence, perhaps we’ll need to buy one or six packs to try!

by Sainsbury’s Summer Edition Pigs in Beach Towels will cost £4.50 are available in-store and online now.