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Sainsbury’s reveal Christmas 2021 food range

Sainsbury’s has revealed its full Christmas 2021 food range including Pigs in ‘Snowy’ Blankets and a first-to-market Plant Pioneers No Salmon En Croute.

Sainsbury's Christmas 2021 Food

The supermarket Christmas ranges are coming in thick and fast, and though we still have a little while to wait until we can get our mouths around each of these glorious dishes, it doesn’t stop us drooling over what Sainsbury’s will have for us to gobble later in the year.

We’ve taken a look at Sainsbury’s offerings which have been inspired from around the world and it’s holding its own among strong competition, and like last year fuss-free is key!

Sainsbury's Christmas Desserts 2021

With 340 brand new festive foods stretching across the whole Christmas period, there’s plenty of delicious and creative festive dishes you’ll be able to choose from.

Here’s everything you’ll want for Christmas 2021 from Sainsbury’s.


This year, Sainsbury’s has hopped across the pond and took inspiration from American Classics for you to enjoy, Choose from Taste the Difference Mini Hot Dogs or these Taste the Difference Chicken Waffles.

Sainsbury Christmas Food 2021 - Taste the Difference Chicken Waffles

Veggie more your style? then you’re not going to miss out as the UK supermarket has gone the extra mile with an amazing selection including Mini Black Bean Taco and this comfort-food classic the Plant Pioneers No Chicken Kievs.

Sainsbury Christmas Food 2021 - Plant Pioneers No Chicken Kievs


Alternative to turkey has increased according to Sainsbury’s as Imogen Glithrow, Product Developer for Pork & Lamb for the brand tell us “In the lead-up to Christmas 2020, sales of lamb centrepieces had jumped 37% compared to the previous year, with pork also seeing a 21% rise”.

From that let us introduce you to the ultimate centrepiece, by Sainsbury’s Spiced Easy Carve Lamb Leg a boneless British lamb leg, flavoured with festive spices including juniper, ginger, clove and bay and will be available from 15th December for just £13.

Sainsbury Christmas Food 2021 - by Sainsbury's Spiced Easy Carve Lamb Leg a boneless British lamb leg

Adding a touch of tradition with a magical twist fans of all the trimmings will love this Shredded Sprouts & Onion with Chestnuts and Rosemary Butter.

With plant-based products still on the rise, it’s no wonder Sainsbury’s have gone all-out with its range of hero products for the middle of the table our favourite has to be this Plant Pioneers No Gammon with Maple Glaze, yeah we’re super hungry now.

Sainsbury Christmas Food 2021 - Plant Pioneers No Gammon with Maple Glaze

However, if you are searching for that ‘WOW’ stopping moment then their first to the market No Salmon En Croûte is the perfect pick.

Sainsbury Christmas Food 2021 - No Salmon En Croûte


We really can’t wait to tuck into this year’s dessert collection from Sainsbury especially this Taste the Difference Salted Caramel & Chocolate Star, it’s definitely left us starry-eyed.

Sainsbury Christmas Food 2021 - Taste the Difference Salted Caramel & Chocolate Star

We all know that come September we’re all reaching for that tasty treat so when the nights draw in how about sipping on a Hot Chocolate Bombe which once melted will reveal a soft and fluffy mini marshmallow filling.

Sainsbury Christmas Food 2021 - Hot Chocolate Bombe

The Christmas sandwiches are back including a veggie Rudolph’s Night Before Christmas Sandwich and this sushi by Sainsbury’s Pigs in ‘Snowy’ Blankets…

Sainsbury Christmas Food 2021 - by Sainsbury's Pigs in 'Snowy' Blankets


No one should have to miss out on the gloriousness that is cheese which is why Sainbusry’s have focus on a plant based cheeseboard to suit everyone and it looks divine!

Sainsbury Christmas Food 2021 - plant based cheeseboard

Featuring four tasty, dairy-free options: caramelised onion Cheddar-style, traditional Cheddar-style, Wensleydale-inspired with cranberries, and finally a delectable plant-based blue. Get the crackers ready!

Another whopping line-up which we can’t wait to taste.

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