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Santa Claus Might Not Be The Only One Who Can See You When You’re Sleeping!

You better watch out! It seems Santa Claus might not be the only one who can see you when you’re sleeping, as it’s revealed 10% of us have admitting to entering our neighbour’s home without their permission.

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A new survey conducted by UIA Mutual Insurance has revealed that a whopping 14% of us still leave a key to our property under a platpot, 12% of us leave a key under the doormat and 7% leave one in the garden shed. Seeing these figures, It might come as no surprise that over 70% of household intruders break in through the door.

House At Christmas

The study also revealed that one in 5 of us leave a key with a neighbour, of which 10% have alarmingly admitted to gaining access to their neighbours property without their permission. We knew someone had been stealing our Mince Pies! Poor John was insistent he hadn’t eaten them… (we’re still suspicious!).

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