Santa & elves keep an eye on kids behaviour during lockdown

Santa and his elves will be keeping a check on kids behaviour during the lockdown.

Image of Santa watch list
Image credit: JillWellington via Pixabay

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Image of Elves survalliance
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Whether one of his elves have been sent and is keeping an eye while making sure to follow the social distancing rules, installing an elf cam so they can check on your behaviour at the North Pole or keeping a chart stating if you’ve been naughty or nice which will be sent to Santa, the North Pole will know if your children have been badly behaved or followed the rules and been helpful.


Image of elves chart and letters
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So if the kids refuse to do their schoolwork, help around the house or are just being a little bit naughty during this lockdown, just remind them that Santa is watching and he will be making a list!

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