Simple Steps To A Stressmass Free Season

Does the lyric ‘From now on, our troubles will be miles away’ make you scoff as the Christmas run up begins? With presents to be bought AND wrapped, dinner plans to get organised being joyful and triumphant can be far from your mind.

However there are ways in which we can ensure this festive season is full of merryment.

simple steps to a stress free christmasBelow we have put together some fun and simple steps on how to have a stressmass free season:

Be positive – before we start compiling a list of everything that needs to be done, ask yourself exactly what you can do?.  As we know you can’t do everything and this might make you feel downbeat and disheartened from the minute go, so realise you can’t do everything at once and see what you can easily do.

Start saying no.   As Christmas approaches, family, friends and work can start asking too much from you and like most us we say yes before truely thinking about the commitment, this ends up with us  running on last nights sherry fumes just to  keep  going!

Instead of agreeing straight away, learn to either say no or ask for a little time to consider the choice, yes we know sometimes not everything is a choice, however not doing just as much in one area can benefit you when you may be needed elsewhere.

cat tearing wrapping paper at ChristmasYour nearest and dearest.   As your latest batch of mince pies burn or the wrapping paper is demolished by your furry “friend” it’s your family and friends at the front of the tinsel-tastic-tantrum you are about to have.

For you and those around you to be happier ensure to delegate tasks so you can focus on placing attention to the special people around you.

A job shared is a task halved!

Plan ahead and don’t put off.   In reality, we are all busy everyday, and because of this, simple jobs which need to be done or planned ahead get put off to another day.  For example: we know that the decorations are right at the VERY back of the unruley cupboard which needs cleaned, so to save any long hours, arguments and broken baubles start now.

Planning ahead with budgets, meal preparation and testing out your Christmas decorations will save time, effort and will leave you with  sugar plums dancing in your head instead of how you’re going to afford that bottle of port your uncle just HAS to have but never drinks.

Clock watch.  Like most of us, we are haunted by the clicking sound of the clock telling us that time is nearly up for one day and no more can be done.

Christmas clock

Setting an alarm to give yourself a specific amount of time to do one thing for example 1 hour to clean the kitchen and then the next two to wrap, tag and sort through gifts can improve your efficiency and may even allow you time for a glass of sometime tasty.

Turn off the devices.  If you have finished all of the day’s assigments, turn off your mobile/computer/tablets and say goodbye world and cosy up to some TV or an early night.  Turning off your devices will ensure no-one can ask you to do something you havn’t got time to do.

Shopping at ChristmasChristmas shopping.  Make a list and start NOW! The sales are on and once you begin you could have your shopping done all before Christmas, meaning no queuing, rushing, wasting money and worse finding out what you wanted is now out of stock.

Heading online for xmas shopping whether that’s for food or gifts can save time, money and unnecessary stress .

Routine is key.  We all know that children (and some of us adults too!)  can become very excitable on the run up to Christmas,  so setting a routine is essential.  From tidying their bedroom to bath and then a bed time story can help you get more from your time and  might just mean you don’t have to keep putting them back to bed…for the ninth time!

Sleep.  Easier said than done, however getting enough sleep is like feeding Roudolp – if he doesn’t get enough he can only get to a few houses and can do no more.

Set yourself a time you go to bed and stick to it, you will feel more refreshed and ready for the next day.

Sleep at Christmas

These simple tatic’s will help make sure you are (in the words of Paul McCartney) ‘simply having a wonderful Christmas time’

What Christmas stresses will you stop worrying about this year? Tell us in the comments below!

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