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Smorgasboard – The Board Game For Foodies!

Smorgasboard is the board game for foodies, family and friends so we knew this was one game we were going to love! We were kindly sent this to review.

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Opening up Smorgasboard we took a quick look at the contents, these included: 4 packs of questions/activity cards, 4 chef tokens & stands, 4 pencils & writing pads, 1 minute timer,1 six-sided coloured dice and 1 six-sided numbered dice.

The game which requires 2 teams (over 12 years) so Holly and Katy made team one and Elaine and Mandy made up team two.  The aim of the game was to be the first team of chefs to graduate from Rick’s Culinary Academy.

The team that rolled the highest number on the numbered dice went first, which in this case was Holly and Katy’s team. Katy rolled the coloured dice and Holly rolled the numbered dice – the coloured dice indicates which category you are asked a question from, and the numbered dice indicates how many spaces on the board you moved forward if their team answered there question correctly.

Elaine passed the question to Holly who was allowed to look at the card for no longer than 5 seconds, which was from 4Bidden-Fruit,  meaning Katy had to correctly guess the food related word being described by Holly, although she did try to use a few “sounds-like” words which isn’t allowed. After guessing the question correctly, they could leave their token on the space until their next turn.

It was team two’s turn, Elaine rolled the coloured dice and Mandy rolled the numbered dice. Elaine landing on the Nuudle-Doodle meant Mandy had to try and draw the food related word on a piece of paper WITHOUT lifting the pencil off –  we can safely say that art was not Mandy’s strong point, however, Elaine guessed correctly and it was back to the other team to take a turn.

The game carried on around the board answering questions for the cards, there were 4 different card types including the 4BiddenFruit and Nuudle-Doodle. Other cards were Kitchen-Kaos which to win this category the team had to identify the food related word in the ‘Word Jumble” anagram, correctly identify the ‘Missing Ingredient’ in the classic recipe or correctly identify the ‘Spoiler’ that would spoil the classic recipe, in the time allowed.

The last card which Holly landed on was the Tasto-Quest where she had to answer correctly the ‘General Knowledge’, ‘True or False’, or ‘Multiple Choice’ question in the time allowed which was only 1 minute! Getting the ‘True or False’ question Holly started doubting her answer within the minute, switching back and fourth from true and false and ended up giving the wrong answer – which she was not at all happy about!

Holly and Katy’s team were first to collect one of each of the cards from each of the categories and were declared the winners of Smorgasboard!

Overall we though the game was interesting, educational and really got our competitive side going!

You can buy Smorgasboard at John Lewis

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