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So It Was Christmas and What Did You Do?….

We take a look back at what we did, what we’d like to do and how best to prepare for Christmas 2017. Christmas may have been and gone however before you grumble ‘Bah-Humbug’ or chuck out the last mince pie, why not, like us, take a look back at all the fond times you had, see what you would like to change for this year and how best to do so.

Gift Presents

As always here at UnderTheChristmasTree once the festive period has came to an end the January blues like to flutter through however like pro’s we’ve decided to brush off those pesky blues and discuss what we enjoyed most about Christmas 2016.

From launching our most successful 12 days of Christmas competitions, our very popular gift guide and having the biggest number of visitors on our website, this was all thanks to you our loyal readers, making our Christmas the most magical ever. This year we’ll be bringing you some very exciting Christmas news, how to’s, competitions and so much more.

As you will already know we are a family based business so we also like to take a look back as a family to see what we have done right over the busy time. This year, we managed to be more prepared when it came to decorating indoors and out, usually taking 4 days with rain, wind and some very numb hands, we managed to string our outdoor lights over a few weeks with a grand ‘switch on’ on the 3rd December! As for indoors, after a few sherry’s we decorated our home as fast as Santa yelling for another cuppa hot chocolate.

Online Shopping

As for Christmas Eve, each year we always make a mad Christmas Eve dash to the supermarkets for a very small amount of essentials, however without a shadow of a doubt this ends up turning into a manic dash as something we need is out of stock EVERYWHERE! This year however, we were up bright & breezy with a list of only 3 things we knew we wouldn’t have any bother finding – one last roll of wrapping paper, double cream and a fresh loaf. Home the earliest we had ever been we managed to enjoy time with the whole family, eating fresh baked mince pies and a glass of wine knowing all had been done.

However for as many things we done right, we also like to look at a few tweaks we may need to make for 2017, including: Stir up Sunday, for us the this never seems to get started on that day and is left a little late, this year we’re going to try and hit target times! Buying presents a little earlier is key this 2017.  We did do well in 2016, but like most, we ended up rushing and not buying some of the gifts we would have liked to. (And don’t get us started on our Christmas cards, we’re pretty sure people are still receiving them!).

New Years Resolutions 2017

For 2017 we’re going to be taking up a little more crafting, so we’ll ensure to put these up on our official YouTube channel.  We’re also going to ensure preparation is key when it comes to decorating and baking. List making will be done by the dozen and we’ll start ticking off each task needing to be done before the Christmas month begins – let’s just hope we don’t lost that list.

Overall Christmas time for us was truly magical and even though it has came and went far too quickly we are simply planning this years!

How was your Christmas and what would you do different this year? Share your thoughts and comments below.

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