Stay Tastefully Hydrated This Christmas With Bio Synergy Fruit Infuser

Gift Guide 2015: Bio Synergy Fruit InfuserThe Bio Synergy Fruit Infuser is a delicious way to start you day and stay hydrated! UnderTheChristmasTree was kindly sent the Fruit Infuser to review.

Christmas, you may be surprised to know can sometimes be just a little too indulgent, with many office parties to attend and then the big day itself, trying to keep healthy can seem virtually impossible and pretty bland when your being offered mulled wine instead of carrot juice!

Bio Synergy Fruit Infuser water bottle will make water a whole lot more fun as Mandy found out when she swapped hot chocolates for fruit water! First off Mandy was a little jealous as the whole office tucked into delicious, marsh-mallowy hot chocolates however as she was trying to be a little healthier before the seasons festivities kicked off she reached into her bag and pulled out the fruit infused water bottle to give it a go.

Making it up first thing in the morning (Mandy said this took virtually 5 minutes) she put together some strawberries, red berries and banana, not over filling with fruit she topped the bottle with water and stored away. To her surprise the water tasted delicious and what was even better was it wasn’t full of lumpy pieces of fruit, which do not taste nice!

Throughout the morning Mandy said she sipped away at her juice however she did say that if she could have made more she would have as not only did it help curb a few of her cravings for biscuits and chocolate but after a few days of using the product she felt her skin also improved.

As for the bottle itself – its dishwasher friendly, what more could you ask! plus it is slip and spill friendly and does click securely shut ensuring no spillage and the fruit stays fresh.

Bio Synergy Fruit Infuser
Overall Mandy said this is a great gift idea for those who want to try something a little healthier and as it’s not overly expensive (at £14.99) this would make an excellent stocking filler this Christmas.

The Bio Synergy Fruit Infuser is priced from £14.99 for more information please visit:

What fruit combinations would you put inside your fruit infuser? Let us know below.

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