Study reveals – Christmas toys are not just for Children!

Did you know six out of 10 adults admit to buying their children toys at Christmas they didn’t ask for simply because THEY want to play with them.

Sorry Santa we think we’re on the naughty list.

Image credit: Pixabay

A new study by HEXBUG which asked 500 adults aged between 25-65 found that they are clamoring for the must-have toys, no wonder the UK toy industry is worth a massive £3.4 BILLION.

The research showed that men were the biggest culprits with 49% of those aged 25 – 45 admitting they will ask for toys this Christmas with many who were questioned admitting to buying kids toys for the older males in their family.

Heather Corbett, Marketing Manager for HEXBUG comments: ‘Our survey found that many toy purchases particularly at Christmas are made by adults due to lack of inspiration. Rather than opening socks and underwear, adults are dumbing down their purchases and buying novelty presents which are in fact some of the most sought-after toys on the market. Keeping and playing with your favourite toys into adulthood is not unusual and the majority of people we surveyed were more likely to hang on to or purchase toys that were attached to their favourite TV show or film as a child. These nostalgic pop-culture type toys represent a simpler more care-free time and in today’s fast-paced world, adults want to hang on to those great memories and of course have fun’

Who knows, Kidults could be sending a Christmas list to Santa next!

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