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Tesco has revealed its 2020 Christmas food range

Tesco has revealed its Christmas food range and it’s as wonderful as you’d expect. From must-have classics to brand new centrepieces, here’s everything you’ll be able to buy this year.

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Tesco Finest Orange And Maple Bauble Cake
Image credit: Tesco


This year, whether you are serving a family of two or a larger gathering of eight, Tesco has something delightful for every guest. From new GIANT pigs in blankets to the spectacular Vegan No-Turkey Roast Crown, sitting down to dinner this year will be out of this world.

Here’s everything you’ll want for Christmas 2020 from Tesco.


You’ll be in full swing as the supermarket giant launches its new party nibble collection which they said are ‘Little twists with wow factor’ inspired by eating out trends. Choose from British Mini Fishermans Pie with a potato nest twist and Mini Ham Hock and Cheddar topped Crumpets.

Tesco Ham Hock And Cheese Crumpets
Image credit: Tesco

However, if you’re looking to really WOW your guests, how about the massive 650g Tesco Sausage Roll Log crammed full of delightful spices.

Tesco Sausage Roll Log
Image credit: Tesco

For vegans and vegetarians, the UK supermarket has a plethora of culinary goods to get your party started. How about the Plant Chef 10 Pigless Blankets or No-Prawn Firecracker Dippers (£4) to serve your friends and family?…

Or our highlighted pick – the Wicked Kitchen No-Chicken Drumettes which according to Derek Sarno (Director of Plant-Based Innovation at Tesco) has a spicy golden crumb.

Tesco No Chicken Drumettes
Image credit: Tesco


It’s fair to say that the main event is all about show-stopping centre pieces, and this year Tesco has brought together a signature flavour of orange and maple which has been used throughout its entire collection, including Tesco Finest Easy Carve Duck with a Maple and Orange Glaze which is also stuffed with an orange and maple stuffing.

Tesco Duck With Maple And Orange Glaze
Image credit: Tesco

In addition, Traditional Turkey is back on the menu with the British Free Range Heritage Narragansett Whole Turkey which is available in both a large 5-6 kilos and medium which is 4-5 kilos. Great for small and larger groups – and for next-day leftovers!

For fish fans, the Salmon Joint with Stuffing and Cranberry Glaze will be the perfect pick for your dinner table.

Tesco Salmon Joint
Image credit: Tesco

If you’re meat-free and vegan, you’re in for a real treat as Tesco will launch brand new choices for your table this Christmas. For £6 you can munch on the new Pea protein Vegan roast, however, we simply love the look of Wicked Kitchen No-Turkey Roast Crown.

Tesco No Turkey Crown
Image credit: Tesco

No main is finished until you’ve loaded your plate with mouth-watering sides and back for 2020 are the hugely popular 10 Pigs in blankets (£2.75) however, if you’re looking to go even bigger, who doesn’t at Christmas? then Tesco’s Giant Pigs In Blankets are a perfect choice.

Tesco Giant Pigs In Blankets
Image credit: Tesco

Brussels Sprouts with Chestnuts and Seasoned Butter is also one of this years highlighted choices, no matter if you love them or hate them Brussels will be rolling around your plate this festive season.


Look away now if you’re at all hungry because Tesco festive desserts look deee-licious. Choose from a toffee mousse five-layered round Opera dessert (similar to the Waitrose version) or grab a massive slice of its Chocolate Orange and Maple Bauble cake which is also filled in the middle with malt balls, we’re not sharing!

Tesco Orange And Maple Bauble Cake
Image credit: Tesco

The UK giant superstore has also added a plant-based Ginger chai cake topped with frosting, cinnamon sugar and caramelised ginger, we’re going straight for dessert.

Tesco Ginger Chai Cake
Image credit: Tesco

The run-up to Christmas wouldn’t be the same unless we’ve gorged on hundreds of mince pie’s and with over 8 million sold at Tesco last year alone, it’s no wonder they’ve extended their range to include 6 vegan mince pies.

Don’t worry it’s All Butter Pastry Mince Pies with Cognac, Brandy and Port have also been brought back, however they’ve added more fruit and better filling to the pastry ratio.

HIGHLIGHT: Tesco will launch its mince pie range on September 7th!

Tesco All Butter Mince Pies
Image credit: Tesco


If there’s one thing that we love at Christmas, it’s a cheeseboard and Tesco has an impressive array for every gannet to graze from. Starting with the Large Baking Brie Fruit and Glaze which looks gooey good.

Tesco Baking Brie With Fruits And Glaze
Image credit: Tesco

These ready-to-go cheese slates which also include cranberry and blueberry Wensleydale cheese, pair with grapes and rustic bread.

The aged Stilton is a must-have on any cheeseboard, and this strong (and probably very stinky) has been left to mature for eight-10 weeks and is infused with port.

Tesco Port Infused Aged Blue Stilton
Image credit: Tesco


Drinks have an important part of making the holiday season special, this year’s line-up includes an award-winning gin – The Melodist which has herbal notes, a XO Cognac and our favourite the creamy Gingerbread Latte Flavoured Irish Cream Liqueur for £20, which may rival Asda’s Gingerbread Gin.

Sitting down at the table to reminisce and celebrate the big day is a perfect way to enjoy a glass of vino. From a £12 The Trilogy Malbec to the Tesco Finest Chablis, we couldn’t blame you if you opened up more than one bottle.

So what will cork will we be popping to celebrate 2021? Tesco has said its hero product would be the £10 Tesco Finest Prosecco Valdobbiadene DOCG.

Is it wrong that we so want Summer to move on so we can get our mitts on this lot?!

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