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Waitrose unveil Christmas 2020 food range

Waitrose has revealed this year’s Christmas food offerings including new for 2020 the No.1 British Venison Wellington, plus you’ll also be able to pick up impressive dishes from Heston Blumenthal.

You’ll want the big day to be here even quicker when you see this lot…

Waitrose Christmas 2020 - No.1 British Venison Wellington
Image credit: Waitrose – No.1 British Venison Wellington

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It’s fair to say Christmas is about spending time with family and all the fun stuff on TV but if we’re being completely honest it’s also all about food glorious food, and this year Waitrose, like last year, has gone all out on new alternative feasts crammed full of festive flavours.

So what is this year’s key ingredient for the brand? Truffle! Martyn Leed Partner & Executive Chef said: “Truffle is an ingredient that’s often featured on menus and it’s something our customers have been seeking out, with searches on waitrose.com up more than 100%”


So, without further ado, we’ve put together our highlights from Waitrose & Partners Christmas food selection including Heston Blumenthal’s big new hits.


No festive party is complete until the table is at breaking point with the weight of lavish nibbles to gobble up and when it comes to finger food, Waitrose & Partners have new mouthwatering dishes to choose from. This year you can enjoy its Creamy Smoked Salmon Tarts and a canapé classic reinvented – sausage whorls with a sweet maple syrup glaze, we’re seriously not going to want to share.

Waitrose Christmas 2020 - Maple & Bacon Whorls
Image credit: Waitrose – Maple & Bacon Whorls

Making sure you’re buffet is something to remember, you can impress your friends and family with a Mushroom and Truffle Centre Duck Parfait or a slice of Cider Cured Ham.


This year, the trend for alternative meats is set to rocket, so although Waitrose has a host of traditional favourites including its Free Range Bronze Turkey Crown with Thighs, they’ve also added an exciting selection of centrepieces including a Slow-Cooked British Beef Shin, Duck with Pear, Chestnut & Rum, a 10-Bone Rack of British Pork and the new No.1 British Venison Wellington.

Waitrose & Partners Christmas 2020 - No.1 British Venison Wellington
Image credit: Waitrose – No.1 British Venison Wellington

If you’re looking for a meat-free alternative, we simply love the look and sound of the Moroccan inspired Vegan Festive Filo Swirls, yum!

Waitrose & Partners Christmas 2020 - Vegan Festive Filo Swirls
Image credit: Waitrose – Vegan Festive Filo Swirls

Heston has created scene-stealing surprises including Citrus Sherbet Gin infused Smoked Salmon with gold lustre for a touch of indulgence and to take centre stage the Jewelled Stuffing Ballotine.

Waitrose Christmas 2020 food: Heston Blumenthal Jewelled Stuffing Ballotine
Image credit: Waitrose – Heston Blumenthal Jewelled Stuffing Ballotine


What better way to spark the excitement for the festive celebrations than a slice of utter deliciousness such as this Raspberry and Vanilla Panna Cotta.

Waitrose Christmas 2020: Raspberry and Vanilla Panna Cotta
Image credit: Waitrose – Raspberry and Vanilla Panna Cotta

Or perhaps a triple helping of Waitrose new The Queen of Trifles layered with sherry soaked sponge, vanilla custard, jelly, meringue and pistachio crumb, we’re having a Homer Simpson moment right now!

However, if you’re looking to stop your guests in their tracks nothing quite says WOW like this Winter Alpine Cake. And for kids, we simply adore the Chocolate Rudolph Cake.

Waitrose Christmas 2020 - Chocolate Rudolph Cake
Image credit: Waitrose – Chocolate Rudolph Cake

If it’s something to put a real warmth through you after a cold days shopping then Heston’s Tipsy Stollen laced with dark rum-soaked vine fruits would go down a real treat.


Move over Gin as Rum is with-out-a-doubt becoming one of the most popular drinks in the UK and Waitrose this Christmas will launch the Chestnut and Pear with Rum Panettone.

Waitrose Christmas Food 2020 - Chestnut and Pear with Rum Panettone
Image credit: Waitrose – Chestnut and Pear with Rum Panettone

Other highlights include a Christmas Bauble Spiced Fruit Cake by Fiona Cairns and Heston’s The Night Before Christmas Mince pies.

Moving onto chocolate and confectionery, the luxury supermarket has said “It’s all about playful tricks of the eye when it comes to our Christmas chocolates” so let us introduce the Ornate spoons which can be stirred into hot milk or eaten straight from the stick a bit like Aldi’s Hot Chocolate Melting Snowman drink

Waitrose Christmas 2020 - Ornate spoons
Image credit: Waitrose – Ornate spoons

And if this wasn’t enough Heston has created White Chocolate Candle filled with a warming mandarin buck’s fizz milk chocolate ganache, these might just look too good to be eaten…who are we kidding?!

Waitrose Christmas 2020 - white chocolate candles
Image credit: Waitrose – White Chocolate Candles


Grazing over the cheeseboard, for us, happens at any time of the day, if it’s out it’s getting eaten and this 2020 you can create a decadent spread easily with Waitrose selection. Choose from a creamy Gruyere Fondue, a 12-month Truffle Coastal Cheddar or the gooey Breaded Vegan Melts with Redcurrant Relish, how can you possibly resist?!

Waitrose Christmas 2020 - Breaded Vegan Melts
Image credit: Waitrose – Breaded Vegan Melts

So whether you cramming in your fifth mince pie or pulling a cracker, there’s one thing you can guarantee, you’ll certainly need a snooze on the sofa after filling your belly with this lot.


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