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The Perfect Christmas Gift For A New Arrival

You’ve just been told that your friend is having a baby and even better the due date is around Christmas, so what on earth can you buy for the new arrival? How about Bubbaroo Newborn Pack which we were kindly gifted..

Why not get them the Bubbaroo Newborn 2 Pack – Joey Pouch & Joey Swag? Everyone else will be hopping on down to the nearest baby shop to buy up boottees, matinee jackets and probably more than one set of babygrows.

A special arrival deserves a special gift and we think you’ll agree that this brilliant new release from Bubbaroo would make the perfect newborn gift.

Made from 100% cotton the Joey Pouch swadddling bag and Joey Swag sleeping bag are suitable for age 0 – 6 months. Soft and cuddly this newborn two pack will make a perfect gift for parents-to-be.

Designed to encourage a peaceful sleep pattern, thanks to its distinctive bell shape, the Joey Pouch, unlike others, does not restrict movement and gives space for the baby to kick their legs.

This 2 pack also includes the Joey Swag which is ideal as baby reaches 6 months and is specially designed to allow the baby to move freely while still staying covered.

We think an new parent-to-be would be delighted to receive the Bubbaroo Newborn 2 Pack (£48.95) as a gift.

For more information please visit: https://www.bubbaroo.co.uk/

What gift do you give to new parents to celebrate the arrival of their new baby?  Share your comments below.

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