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The Typical Office Secret Santa

Have you had your office Secret Santa yet?

Most people at Christmas are worrying about finding thoughtful presents that are perfect for loved ones. But the one present that everyone seems to forget until the last moment is the office Secret Santa.

Despite being dreaded, the office secret Santa can bring the whole office together. Secretly exchanging gifts with people you work with, chosen completely at random, can also have hilarious consequences.

Instead of choosing a gift for a friend or family member, you may end up with the terrible task of getting a present for someone who irritates you. The good news is that this could be a great opportunity for some light-hearted payback time. You could get that not so special someone you work with a pack of highlighters, a pair of Christmas socks or the novelty mug that you got last year only repackaged in different wrapping paper.

It can actually be more difficult trying to find a nice present if you end up getting one of your co-workers you genuinely like, even more difficult when you are on such a strict budget. The danger of trying to get a thoughtful present is that it might make it blatantly obvious that you are the gift-giver, which is a not-so-secret Santa.

Although it is not the favoured option there’s always the chance you get the boss or the new guy who no one knows. It’s probably best you play it safe and put zero effort into the thought process. So you’ll end up just going to get a generic box of chocolates or stick on Santa beard.

Mecca Bingo as sent over a festive bingo card they have created. The bingo card counts down some of the different outcomes and reactions that you will most likely experience this season in your Office Secret Santa. You can take a look at the bingo card here:

What was the funniest office Secret Santa story you’ve had this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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