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The UK’s Favourite Christmas Toys Revealed For 2018!

Trying to keep up with the most popular toys for Christmas is almost as difficult as keeping up with brexit negotiations, which is why we were thrilled to hear that Wowcher have revealed the UK’s favourite Christmas toys for 2018!

Image of Christmas toys
Image credit: Pixabay

Wowcher have analysed transactional data from thousands of users to reveal that collectively, LOL surprise dolls are the most popular toys of 2018, after contributing to 10% of toy sales on the deals website. Next in line is a DIY Slime making kit followed by soft toys. It seems however, that the unicorn obsession is coming to an end, as sales declined by a whopping 80% in comparison to 2017.

Alexis Harrison, Head of Marketing at Wowcher says: “We all remember the trend toys of our day, be it a yo-yo or Tamagotchi. And, despite the rise of technology, there’s always a new must-have toy which doesn’t tend to be tech. This year it’s the LOL Surprise toys topping gift lists while slime remains a strong favourite.

“What is surprising, is the huge increase in teddies and personalised gifts, which suggests that there’s a come-back for people looking to gift children more traditional toys, which can be kept for longer.”

Image of Christmas bear
Image credit: Pixabay

Are you surprised by the popularity of LOL dolls?

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