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There’s still time to fit into your favourite LBD this Christmas!

Trust us when we say that we always over indulge in the mince pies when it comes to ‘research purposes’. Usually that Little black dress we love is a tad tight, so when new research from Weight Loss Resources revealed that there’s still time to shift those extra lbs, we reached for our last mince pie… of the day anyway!

For ten years, WLR have been running the little black dress challenge, where users unite to encourage each others weight loss journeys in order to ditch any excess pounds in time for Christmas.

Last year’s challenge biggest loser achieved a loss of 2st 11lbs, and the challenge helped many more to drop dress sizes in time for Christmas celebrations.

“I am in my party dress 8 weeks into the Challenge. I get to wear it to a party with some friends who haven’t seen me in ages! Very excited!” – Charlotte (wlr member)

Challenge completers all receive a bespoke medal to mark their achievement. To meet the challenge and get your medal you have to complete 12 tasks, chosen by you, over 6-12 weeks. Tasks are designed to boost motivation and focus on losing weight in time for Christmas.

Full details, including a dress size calculator to see how many dress sizes you could drop in time for Christmas, can be found at www.weightlossresources.co.uk/weight_loss/little-black-dress…

So there’s still time to fit into your favourite Christmas LBD! Do you have a target in mind?

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